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What Are the Early Signs of Tooth Decay and Cavities?

Tooth decay occurs when harmful bacteria eat away at your teeth. This often leads to cavities. If your dentist doesn't treat tooth decay and cavities in time, you may experience severe problems such as nerve infection. 


Therefore, it's important to recognize the early signs of cavities and tooth decay immediately. You can then find the best family dentist Winnipeg has and get your teeth treated. Read on to learn some signs of these dental diseases you need to look out for. 



 One of the early signs of tooth decay is dental sensitivity. Specifically, you may notice that a tooth has become sensitive to extremely hot or cold temperatures or highly sweet and/or acidic foods and drinks. This can occur because the bacteria have eaten away at your tooth's protective enamel. 


Keep in mind, though, that some individuals have teeth that are more sensitive than others. For this reason, there's no need to panic if you notice sensitivity. Visit your dentist to be safe, but know that this isn't a sure sign of tooth decay. 



Teeth can be sensitive without a health concern, but this isn't the same for aching. A toothache is a sure sign that something is wrong. It's also one of the most common signs of tooth decay and/or cavities. 


If you have one or more teeth that ache constantly or have occasional pain, get to a dentist right away. You'll likely prevent a lot more pain from occurring in the future. 


Stains on Teeth 

Some foods can indeed cause temporary staining on your teeth. Therefore, you don't need to panic thinking it is a cavity or decay. Rather, a teeth cleaning service would help remove these food stains. 


However, if you notice a long lasting stain, keep an eye on it. You should feel concerned if it stays for a long time and changes colour. It may also turn into a hole, which is a clear sign of tooth decay. 



Unless you, for some reason, take a drill to your teeth, tooth decay is the only reason holes can appear in your teeth. Therefore, if you see or feel teeth holes, take it as a clear sign of tooth decay and/or cavities. You should then go directly to your dentist to get your teeth treated. 


At this point, your dentist will likely add a filling or crown to your teeth. They will also discuss your dental hygiene habits and make some suggestions. 


Find the Best Family Dentist Winnipeg Has at Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, or Pearl Dental 

In sum, keeping an eye out for tooth decay means looking for pain, holes, stains, and sensitivity. By keeping an eye on your dental health, you can keep your teeth in the best shape and prevent extensive dental procedures. 


Also, if you need the best family dentist Winnipeg offers, stop by one of our clinics. All three have knowledgeable teams that treat patients of all ages in relaxing environments. Visit Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, or Pearl Dental today after you book an appointment by email or phone. 


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