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TMJ Treatment in Winnipeg

At Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental, we understand how facial and TMJ pain can affect your life. TMJ disorder and other types of orofacial conditions can cause chronic pain for years. They can manifest as various symptoms that can make chewing, smiling, eating and even talking hard to manage. We offer facial and TMJ treatment in Winnipeg at our two locations- Integral Dental and Pearl Dental.

What sets us apart is the degree of personalization that we offer to every client. Orofacial conditions and TMJ disorders can affect people very differently. This is why we carry out a thorough assessment of your symptoms and dental history to determine the cause of your pain and discomfort. We then devise a personalized treatment plan for you using our
years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment.

You might be neglecting getting treatment for your facial pain for years. We provide you with a warm and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable enough to get the dental treatment that you require. Please contact us for facial pain and TMJ treatment in Winnipeg.

What We Do

Oral and facial pain conditions are often caused by the teeth or jaws. At Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental, our dentist, Dr. Tom Colina, specializes in treating all kinds of orofacial pain conditions in Winnipeg. If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, jaw disorders, breathing issues, and teeth grinding, you could be at risk for orofacial pain.

Underlying issues such as oral lesions and other conditions can result in facial pain. Dr. Colina can determine the cause of your pain and work closely with your primary physician to plan an effective treatment procedure for you. Dr. Colina can treat various orofacial pain conditions and offer TMJ treatment, including:

  • TMJ joint pain

  • Jaw and muscle pain

  • Clicking, locking and popping of TMJ joints

  • Nerve pain

  • Tension headaches

  • Migraines

  • Consistent ear pain

  • Arthritis of the jaw

  • Constant mouth pain

  • Burning mouth pain

Facial Pain Treatment

Are You Suffering from Chronic Orofacial Pain?

If you’re suffering from orofacial pain, you could have been experiencing chronic pain for many years. You might not have considered visiting a dentist for diagnosis, treatment, and pain management.

There are various causes or symptoms of chronic orofacial pain, including:

  • Tooth pain: Generally, tooth pain can cause orofacial pain. Our dentist, Dr. Colina, commonly starts with determining if tooth pain is the cause of your orofacial pain before moving on to diagnosing other potential causes.

  • TMD and TMJ: TMD is a group of jaw pain conditions that include the TMJ, the masticatory muscles, and other jaw structures.

  • Nerve pain: There are two types of nerve pain - episodic and continuous. Episodic pain is neurological and can transform into chronic orofacial pain when not treated promptly.

  • Sinus pain: Issues with sinus pain and pressure can cause orofacial pain in the mid-face area and on multiple teeth.

  • Primary and Secondary Headache:  A primary headache is caused by overactivity of or problems with pain-sensitive structures in your head. A primary headache is not a symptom of an underlying disease. A secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that can activate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. The conditions listed above can factor in both primary and secondary headaches.

Treatment Options for Orofacial Pain

Treatment for orofacial pain depends on the root cause of the chronic pain. A diagnosis with one of our doctors will provide you with the required education, therapy, medication, or appliances to treat your orofacial pain.

Complex and chronic orofacial pain cases may need coordination of efforts from a team of health care providers consisting of your primary care physician, internist, rheumatologist, neurologist, psychiatrist and physical therapist.

Avoid Jaw pain with TMJ Treatment

If you're experiencing jaw pain, it can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental offer effective TMJ treatment to help you avoid the pain altogether. TMJ treatment alleviates jaw pain and other symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorders. With the help of experienced dental professionals and advanced technology, you can get the relief you need to live without constant discomfort. Whether you are dealing with headaches, ear pain, or difficulty opening and closing your jaw, TMJ treatment can help. Don't suffer from jaw pain any longer - schedule an appointment with Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental today.

Signs That You May Need TMJ Treatment

You should visit us for TMj treatment if you have the following symptoms:

  • Chronic headaches or migraines

  • Clicking or popping sounds in your jaw when you open and close your mouth

  • Jaw pain or tenderness

  • Difficulty opening and closing your jaw

  • Ear pain or ringing in your ears

You may need to visit us for TMJ treatment.

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Discover how TMJ treatment helps you:


  • Reduced pain and discomfort in the jaw, head, and neck

  • Improved ability to open and close your jaw

  • Decreased risk of developing further jaw issues

  • Enhanced quality of life and ability to enjoy everyday activities

  • Reduced need for pain medication or other treatments

TMJ Treatment: Aftercare

After receiving TMJ treatment, following a few steps to ensure proper aftercare and maximize the treatment's effectiveness is important. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:


  • Rest your jaw: Avoid excessive chewing or opening your mouth too wide for a few days after treatment to allow your jaw to rest.

  • Apply ice: Use an ice pack on the affected area to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • Eat soft foods: Stick to a soft diet for a few days after treatment to avoid putting undue pressure on your jaw.

  • Use pain relief: If you experience any pain or discomfort, over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help.

  • Practice good oral hygiene: Brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain good oral health.

  • Attend follow-up appointments: Regularly attending appointments with your dentist or dental professional is crucial to ensure your TMJ treatment progresses.


By following these aftercare tips, you can help ensure the success of your TMJ treatment and reduce your chances of experiencing any further complications. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your aftercare plan.

Locations That Offer This Service

We offer facial pain and TMJ treatment in Winnipeg at:

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For us, your needs are paramount. When you come to us for TMJ treatment in Winnipeg or any other service, we go out of our way to ensure that your needs are met. We're always welcoming new patients.


If you have questions about tooth or facial pain, give us a call today to book an appointment with Dr. Colina. He can help you determine if orofacial pain treatment could be the right solution for your smile and overall wellness.


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