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Repair Your Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns in Winnipeg

Restore your damaged teeth and your confidence to smile with our dental crown options at any of our three Winnipeg locations. Fractures or even minor damages to your teeth can lead to tooth decay and infections, and that's why our dentists are here to protect your smile from further damage. We provide a thorough diagnosis with the help of a few X-rays to determine the need for a dental crown in your mouth. After the diagnosis, our dentist will discuss and decide the best dental crown option that fits your dental needs and then perform the procedure with the utmost care and precision. Get in touch, and we'll help you bring back your beautiful smile with dental crowns in Winnipeg.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns are tooth-shaped caps or covers that are placed over a damaged or missing tooth to restore its shape, strength and function. It also improves the overall appearance of the tooth. Dental crowns come in many types and can be made up of different materials such as porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, various metals, zirconia, etc.

We provide reliable dental crown fittings at all 3 of our Winnipeg clinics: Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental.

Reasons to Get Dental Crowns:

  • To protect and restore a decaying or fractured tooth and to prevent it from breaking off completely

  • To restore a broken or severely worn down tooth

  • To cover and remedy a misshapen tooth

  • To cover and remedy a severely discoloured tooth

  • To recover a tooth with a large filling if there isn't a lot of tooth left

  • To keep the dental bridge intact

  • To seal the space after a root canal treatment

  • Cosmetic modification

Schedule Your Appointment

Keeping our patients' comfort and oral health as our topmost priority, we provide dental plans that fit their specific needs. We are happy to discuss cosmetic modifications by using dental crowns as well. In order to book an appointment or get more information on dental crowns, you can contact us at any of our three locations in Winnipeg: Integral Dental, Ellice Dental and Pearl Dental.


Our cosmetic dentists in Winnipeg can help transform your smile.

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