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Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: Which Is Better?

Has your dentist told you that you need some work on your teeth? Did they specifically mention a root canal or a tooth extraction?

If so, you may be wondering about these two choices and which one is better in terms of the procedure and benefits of each. There are benefits for both a tooth extraction and a root canal in Winnipeg.

The good news is that you are not alone! In fact, there are thousands of these procedures done every single day.

It ultimately depends on you and your circumstances, so read on to learn more about which treatment you should choose.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment eliminates bacteria in an infected root canal inside a tooth.

If you choose to go through with a root canal procedure, there are several benefits that you can look forward to.

For starters, a root canal preserves the natural tooth. This means that you will not have any false teeth throughout the process since you are keeping your original one. It will also preserve the function of the natural tooth.

A root canal can also prevent a more invasive procedure down the line, such as a dental implant.

With all that said, one of the biggest benefits of getting a root canal is that it will eliminate the pain and discomfort of having an infected tooth.

Tooth Extraction

If you are having a lot of pain, a tooth extraction may be your answer. A tooth extraction can quickly eliminate the pain you feel if you have a damaged or decayed tooth. If the tooth is beyond repair, a dentist will most likely recommend a tooth extraction since there is no way to fix the tooth.

However, tooth extraction can be beneficial in addition to treating decaying teeth if your mouth is crowded. A tooth extraction can provide more room for other teeth to grow and straighten if there is not enough room in your mouth with all of them. In combination with orthodontic treatment, removing a tooth may be an appropriate option.

In many cases, tooth extraction is also a cost-effective option. Be sure to take good care of the area after the extraction.

Tooth Extraction or Root Canal in Winnipeg?

If you are trying to decide between a tooth extraction or a root canal in Winnipeg, you can now make a more informed decision.

You know the differences between the two as well as each of their benefits. Ultimately, though, what you go with should be based on an informed decision with your dentist. Be sure to weigh out the pros and cons of both treatment options.

If you are ready to schedule one to fix the infected tooth, we are here to help you at Integral Dental, Ellice Dental or Pearl Dental. You can contact us today to book an appointment!


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