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Improve Your Smile with an Orthodontic Treatment

Self-conscious about your smile? Does the thought of wearing braces makes you cringe? You no longer have to shy away from the thought of sporting the traditional metal mouth. Technology advances mean your Winnipeg dentists can now offer you discreet options and others may not even be aware you are undergoing the procedure.

Why Might You Consider an Orthodontic Procedure?

Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, many more adults are seeking to improve their smiles with their orthodontist’s help. Malocclusion (meaning having a poor bite), is the term used to describe a variety of tooth issues, inherited or acquired over time. Some may cause speech impediments; others may be painful or perhaps encourage tooth decay if your teeth are difficult to clean around. Any of these following reasons might lead to you to consider meeting with your dentist in Winnipeg.

  • Crooked or crowded teeth

  • Wide spaces between teeth

  • Missing teeth (due to premature loss, decay or injury)

  • Protruding teeth (may be genetic or acquired: think thumb sucking and more)

  • Open bite (teeth don’t touch)

  • Jaw pain issues

  • Dental diseases or medical issues


Besides the obvious straightening of your teeth, you can reap other benefits following an orthodontic procedure. Interestingly, many people say it boosts their self-esteem making them feel more confident. On the medical side, the benefits also add up. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean. This can lessen the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Other advantages to this procedure can be reducing or eliminating bruxism (teeth grinding) and jaw pain. You may even find it easier to chew foods.

Three “Invisible” Options

If you don’t find regular braces appealing, one of these “invisible” alternatives may be more palatable.

Tooth aligners. Worn like a mouth guard, these clear, customized appliances fit over your teeth and gradually push or shift your teeth into proper alignment. They are removable and are replaced every few weeks as your teeth adjust into their new position. Since they can be taken out, you can brush and floss normally.

Lingual braces are attached to the insides of your teeth and are often called hidden or invisible.

Ceramic braces are similar to their metal counterparts. Like traditional braces, they are attached to the front of your teeth. The brackets and the wires or elastics may be clear, translucent, or closely matched to your tooth colour, so they tend to blend in more with your teeth.

Are you ready to transform your smile? Our Winnipeg dentists at Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental will examine you, assess your needs, and discuss your treatment options. Contact us now for an appointment!


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