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Effective Tips for Teeth Cleaning in Winnipeg

red-headed woman brushing her teeth in bathroom mirror in winnipeg

Oral health is vital to the health of your mouth and your entire body. When your oral health is thriving, it can prevent other diseases like diabetes and heart problems, not to mention oral problems like bad breath and gum disease.

If you're wondering how you can improve your oral health, here are a few great tips.

Practice Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are the keys to keeping your mouth healthy and strong. But the technique you use matters just as much.

For brushing, you'll want to brush at a 45-degree angle to reach the entire surface of your teeth. Instead of brushing back and forth, brush in small circles on the sides and tops of the teeth. Brush gently, yet effectively, in each section of your mouth for 30 seconds for a total of 2 minutes.

When you floss, you want to curve the floss into a C shape between your teeth. This way, you get the sides of your teeth more effectively than flossing up and down.

Visit a Winnipeg Dentist

While brushing and flossing are critical to oral health, another important factor is visiting Winnipeg dental care.

Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove all the bacteria and build-up on your teeth. Without professional teeth cleaning, tartar eats away at your gumline, making way for gum diseases to decay and ruin your teeth.

Eat Healthy Foods

While foods don't necessarily clean your teeth, they can keep them healthy. In some cases, hard, crunchy foods like carrots and celery require a lot of chewing which clean teeth surfaces. They stimulate saliva flow which help clean away food particles and bacteria. However, it's still most important to brush your teeth.

Remember That Toothbrushes Matter

Using the proper technique matters when brushing, but so does your toothbrush. A toothbrush with soft bristles is best to use because it can reach crevices between your teeth. A Winnipeg dentist can make recommendations for you.

An electric toothbrush is a simple way to ensure that your teeth are getting clean. The electric toothbrush spins in a circular motion, and all you have to do is move it across your teeth and gums. Some of them have timers set for two minutes, so you get a complete brushing.

Changing your toothbrush frequently every few months is essential to your oral health as well. Once the bristles become worn, they no longer efficiently clean away food and plaque. Changing your toothbrush will also ensure bacteria accumulation is minimal.

Take Care of Your Gums and Tongue

Don't forget your gums and tongue when brushing! Running your toothbrush over the base of your gum line is important because bacteria lines up here. Your tongue also harbors a ton of bacteria, which leads to bad breath.

Getting a Teeth Cleaning in Winnipeg

There are plenty of ways to take responsibility for your oral health when it comes to teeth cleaning in Winnipeg. Visiting a Winnipeg dentist is will help keep your teeth as healthy as possible for many years to come.

Do you need to schedule an appointment with a Winnipeg dentist? Visit our website today to set up your appointment!


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