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Early Dental Treatment

Why Early Dental Treatment Is Critical for Your Child’s Long-term Health?


Knowing when to start your baby’s dental care and finding a good kids dentist in Winnipeg can be overwhelming. An early start may preserve your child’s teeth and save you money over the long term.



Start by asking your family and friends for references. Visit some Winnipeg dentists. Look for a kid-friendly environment, and an inviting children’s area. Observe staff members’ interactions with children. Ask staff what strategies and distractions they use to calm or relax children. If you aren’t satisfied with your first impressions, keep looking.

First Dental Visit at about 12 Months

The first visit should mainly be a time to be acquainted and build a trusting relationship with your child and you. Schedule an appointment time when your child is most likely to be alert. Be prepared to share relevant family dental history. Ask questions. Continue checkups every six months.

Three Reasons to Begin Dental Care Early

1. An early start may preserve your child’s long-term dental health. Childhood tooth decay is common, but mostly avoidable. Prevention should begin before your infant’s teeth come through. You can start early on, wiping your newborn baby’s gums with a soft cloth.

Years ago caregivers were encouraged to put babies to bed with bottles of juice or milk. Today, we realize those sugars and acids destroy enamel. We often blame soft teeth on heredity. Research now indicates we can pass on the bacteria, which soften teeth directly to infants, just by kissing them on the mouth or by sharing utensils when tasting food first.

Losing baby teeth prematurely can result in permanent teeth coming in crooked or crowded. Pediatric dentists in Winnipeg can assess your infant, explain risks, and encourage you and your child to adopt good life-long dental habits.

2. Detecting and treating issues in a timely manner. Your child may have inherited tooth and jaw issues and eventually need braces. Your dentist can evaluate, monitor, and address these problems, as well as offer advice to curb damage from thumb sucking, pacifiers, and other injuries. Your dentist may suggest sealants for cavity-prone teeth, or fluoride treatments. Do have the cavities filled promptly. Being in pain can decrease your child’s ability to focus on daily activities. 

3. Being proactive with dental care can save you money in the end. Start at home by practicing good habits like brushing teeth (and later flossing). Cut down on sugary treats. Regular check-ups and cleanings coupled with early detection and treatment can prevent larger (and more expensive) problems later.

Introduce your child to proper dental care early. Our children’s dentists at Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental in Winnipeg can help your child retain a healthier smile for life. Contact us today!


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