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Are Braces Right for You? 6 Signs That You Need Braces

They say a smile is worth a thousand words. If that's true, you deserve to be proud of the teeth you have! That's why it's important to consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment and how they can work for you. 


But when is the right time to see your dentist in Winnipeg? How do you know if you even need them? Read on to learn six of the most common warning signs that you need braces!


  • Crowded Teeth Are your teeth a bit too close together for comfort? Maybe they're even beginning to overlap. If so, it's definitely time to consider orthodontic care.Crowded teeth can quickly become crooked. While crooked teeth are usually seen as a cosmetic issue, they can lead to more serious dental hygiene issues if left uncorrected.

  • Gaps in Teeth If your teeth aren't too close together, perhaps they're too far apart. This may seem a bit less threatening than crowded teeth, but it can be just as damaging to your dental health. Food and plaque can get stuck in gaps in your teeth and build up over time. But with the help of braces, these gaps can be closed off and eliminated, resulting in healthier teeth and a beautiful smile!

  • Difficulty Brushing or Flossing Whether you're dealing with crowded teeth or gaps in your smile, improper teeth alignment can make it difficult to brush or floss properly. Food particles can get stuck between crowded teeth or in gaps and cause plaque build-up. This may cause you to experience halitosis (bad breath) even with the most rigorous of brushing routines.

  • Cheek Biting Do you find yourself accidentally biting your cheek often? If so, it's possible that you need braces! When your bite is misaligned or crooked, your mouth can become a hazardous area for your tongue and cheeks. A misaligned bite makes you much more likely to accidentally bite your cheeks while trying to chew.

  • Speech Issues Your teeth can also influence how you speak. According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, a so-called "bad bite" can cause speech impediments, or make existing speech impediments worse. While some speech impediments need treatment by a speech pathologist, others can be fixed with orthodontic care alone.

  • Jaw Clicking and Pain Sometimes the first sign of orthodontic issues is invisible. For example, one might feel jaw pain or hear jaw clicking before any visible issues arise. Jaw pain or clicking can also be a sign of TMJ disorder, in which a misaligned jaw becomes painful (and loud!)

Other Signs That You Need Braces

These six symptoms are some of the first signs that you need braces, but they're certainly not the only signs. Visible under bites, overbites, or cross bites can also hint at underlying issues.

Worried about how braces will look? Consider choosing something like Invisalign or other invisible orthodontic solutions.

When in doubt, it's always best to seek a professional orthodontic opinion. Our dentists at Integral Dental, Pearl Dental, and Ellice Dental in Winnipeg can help you schedule your orthodontic consultation today!


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