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At our dental clinics in Winnipeg, we're always welcoming new clients. We would be delighted to take you on as a patient. We can treat various concerns with customized treatments to fit your needs. Please contact us to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.


We Take Emergencies and same-day Appointments At Every Location

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At Integral Dental, we endeavour to give as much back as possible.

Dental Implants in Winnipeg

Our general dentists in Winnipeg can care for your and your family's dental health.

Regarding your oral health, you should only turn to a team you can trust. We are family dentists in Winnipeg, serving the area for many years. We operate out of our three clinics- Integral Dental, Ellice Dental and Pearl Dental to provide quality dental services to individuals of all ages. We prioritize your dental health over everything else. For this reason, when you come to us, we take the time to assess your dental history and requirements to provide personalized solutions.

At our three dental clinics, we strive to keep your experience with us as hassle-free as possible. When you walk through our doors, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment where you feel empowered to share your concerns.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to speak to our dentists in Winnipeg today. Besides this, you can consult our regularly updated blog.

CDA’s Definition of Oral Health

“Oral health is a state of the oral and related tissues and structures that contribute positively to physical, mental, and social well-being and the enjoyment of life’s possibilities by allowing the individual to speak, eat, and socialize unhindered by pain, discomfort, or embarrassment.”

We can help you reach this level of oral health by providing reliable guidance on the course of action for your oral and dental health needs.

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Our Dental Services and Treatment

As Winnipeg’s trusted dental clinics, Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental offer:

Dental services: Our dental services include children’s and general dentistry for all age groups. You can rely on us to treat facial pain or sleep apnea. We provide complete & partial dentures, bridges and dental implants for patients suffering from tooth loss.

Preventive teeth cleanings: One of the best ways to prevent your teeth from possible decay is to keep them clean because it also helps maintain your gum health. Our dentists in Winnipeg are committed to protecting your oral health.

Root canals: If you're experiencing any symptoms like swelling or pain in your tooth or gums, don't hesitate to connect with our team at Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental. We offer comprehensive root canal treatments in Winnipeg to address any dental concerns you may have.

Children’s dentistry: We prioritize your children's comfort during dental visits. Our team of general dentists is dedicated to ensuring that your little ones feel at ease throughout their appointments.

Partial and complete dentures: We understand the problems you might face while chewing or speaking with a broken/missing tooth. You can rely on us for partial and complete dentures for situations like these.

Sleep apnea solutions: With our dental services, you can rely on us for sleep apnea treatment. Using oral appliances in Winnipeg, you can trust our professionals with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea solutions.

Orofacial pain treatment options: Your teeth and jaws can often cause oral and facial pains. Our dentists at Pearl Dental offer care for orofacial pain conditions like migraines, and consistent ear pain, among others, in Winnipeg.

Dental implants: They help restore your beautiful and confident smiles. Implants are a long-lasting, esthetic option to replace your missing teeth.

Oral surgery: If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or discomfort, we can provide hassle-free removal. We also carry out gum grafting surgery to treat receding gums.

Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that can help alleviate pain, prevent overcrowding, and reduce the risk of infection. Depending on the case, our dentist may recommend solutions for extraction.

Gum recession: We offer gum grafting surgery to address gum recession and prevent further recession, bone loss, or infection.

Cosmetic Dentistry: When you want to improve the appearance of your smile, turn to our experienced dentists in Winnipeg. We provide services for correcting teeth alignment and teeth whitening. We also offer veneers and crowns to correct the shape and appearance of your teeth. We can discuss various treatment options, including porcelain dental veneers, composite veneers and gingival recontouring.

Invisalig: We offer Invisalign® solutions to patients seeking discreet and effective orthodontic treatment. Our experienced team will work with you to create a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve the beautiful, straight smile you deserve.

Crowns: Our dental clinic provides crown solutions to restore damaged or decayed teeth to their natural shape and function. Contact us to learn how we can help restore your smile with dental crowns.

Veneers: We provide veneers as a cosmetic solution to improve the appearance of chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth. Let our team help you achieve the beautiful, natural-looking smile you've always wanted with our high-quality veneer options.

Teeth whitening: Get safe and effective teeth whitening solutions to help brighten and enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Braces: Our Winnipeg-based dental practices, Integral Dental, Ellice Dental Group, and Pearl Family Dental Care, offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including braces and customized approaches to address any dental irregularities you may have.

Emergency dental services: At Pearl Dental, we understand that emergencies are unpredictable and overwhelming. Our dentists in Winnipeg provide care and assistance for all dental emergencies like toothaches and broken teeth.

A Three-step Approach from Our Dentists

Available at three locations, Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental, follow three basic steps to provide patients of all ages with optimal oral and dental care. This approach makes it possible to achieve comprehensive oral health with lasting effects.

The three steps include:

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment: Solving dental issues with personalized treatment plans and getting our patients healthy.

  2. Preservation and prevention: Maintaining optimal dental hygiene and health and stabilizing the bite to prevent future problems.

  3. Enhancing appearance: Working with patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals and healthy-looking smiles.

Schedule an appointment today and take your first step toward your dental goals.

Happy Couple

Our Priorities: Your Comfort and Satisfaction

Serving patients of all ages in Winnipeg at three different locations, Integral Dental, Ellice Dental, and Pearl Dental, are committed to making your dental visits as comfortable as possible. From the office staff to hygienists and dentists, we have a knowledgeable, friendly, and polite team to provide the dental care you seek and the oral hygiene services you need to keep your smile healthy. However, we know that a dentist’s chair may not be your favourite place, but our goal is to put you at ease. A healthy, beautiful smile is just a phone call away; call us now!


We are committed to helping our patients afford their dental care needs.

$375 Teeth Whitening!

It’s never too late to enjoy a whiter smile! We offer custom take-home teeth whitening trays at $375. (Conditions may apply)

Free Invisalign® Assessment

Invisalign® can help you discreetly straighten your smile. Visit us today to see if you’re a candidate! We can help you find if clear Invisalign® braces could be a solution! (Conditions may apply)

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